Tackling fuel poverty

Stay warm or feed your family?

This is the terrifying choice facing millions of people across the UK who are struggling to pay their energy bills and can’t afford to heat their homes properly. As energy has become more expensive over the past few years more people are suffering from poorer health, reduced educational attainment and a lower quality of life due to fuel poverty.

We want to do something to change this and make sure people have warm, dry homes that they can afford to heat.

We can’t promise that your energy prices will not rise again as the markets for both gas and electricity are extremely complex.

However, what we can promise is that we’ll keep our prices as low as we can. We’re not motivated by making money for our shareholders or bonuses for company directors as we don’t have any. We exist to offer the fairest, most keenly priced deals for our customers. But that allows us to invest all our surplus in helping and supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities.

By joining Southend Energy not only will you get competitively priced energy but you will also be helping people in Southend and Essex not have to make the heartbreaking choice of whether to heat their homes or cook a warm meal.

Southend energy - Our mission

The first local authority-owned energy company in Essex, we're proud to serve the people of Southend and Essex.

Local energy

We want everyone in Southend and Essex to get their energy as cheaply as possible. Our prices are always as low as we can possibly make them and we'll always actively encourage you to choose our cheapest tariff so you don't pay more than you need to for your energy.

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Helping people

Southend Energy is not-for-profit. It means every penny of surplus we make is invested in helping the most vulnerable people in our local community, not lining shareholder's pockets. We want to eradicate fuel poverty so no one has to choose between heating and eating.

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Here for you

With a range of online support as well as our friendly and expert customer service centre, whatever you need we can help. From making your home more energy efficient to getting help paying your bills or accessing benefits let us know and we’ll do our best to help you.

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